Douglas Henry Power

My most pure source of inspiration is my Grandfather. He was my father figure as I was raised by my mother alone as a young boy. But his joy for life papered over that crack and he remains a large part of my spirit. On the 9th of June it was the 19th anniversary of his passing and I still miss him now like I did then.

D.H.Power Roof Brigader.jpg


I have curated two films of his photographs. The first is of domestic life. Him as a boy up to pictures of my Mother.

D.H.Power Petra.jpg

Petra - Jordan 1942 by D.H. Power

The second is his time in service with the New Zealand Army. He was a gifted photographer without doubt and I was completely shocked when I found these photographs in a shoe box at the back of a cupboard. It was with a huge grin on his face that he told me they belonged to me.


douglas henry photographer.jpg

He also gave me all of his cameras. I use his Leica 3f for most of my Street Photography. (see the gallery of 'Notting Hill Carnival'

His archive is my inheritance and I do not underestimate what it represents.